Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clarke Co. Fair - Part 8

In 2002, Debbie and her husband were building a new house. Debbie needed inspitation for decorating their master bedroom. While on a journey to western Iowa, she stopped at the Prairie Star quilt shop in Elk Horn. On the wall they had a sample of this quilt. She recognized immediately this was her inspiration for their new bedroom. She purchased a kit, took it home and started sewing immediately.
The quilt was finished before they moved into their new home on February, 2003. The scraps of the points of all the stars were saved and made into a table runner for their dresser.

Debbie's grandson, Chase lived with his grandpa and grandma from the time he was 8 years old until he was 11 years old. During that time he watched grandma do a lot of quilting. One day he told her he wanted to try it. They went shopping until he
found fabric that appealed to a 9 year old. That fabric is the monster fabric in the center of the quilt. Grandma designed a border to fit the one yard piece of the monster fabric. Grandma cut it out and assisted Chase in sewing all of the blocks
together. They then assembled the blocks and the monster fabric into this quilt.
The quilt top got "buried" in the sewing room until it was discovered in the spring of 2010. Grandma had Sharon W. machine quilt it and she creatively placed monster 3 toes footprints in it. It is now ready to give to Chase. Hope he isn't too old (14 1/2years) for a monster quilt!!

Debbie started quilting in 1972 before she knew how or had taken any classes. She had always admired large bed quilts, but decided that was way beyond her expertise.
She made a crib quilt for her daughter in 1993 and did alot of "cheater quilts" at that time. She found a new quilt shop in a small town near her. They were just starting a Block of the Month by Thimbleberries. She thought she might try a few of these blocks and see how she did. This is the quilt that came from those blocks. This was the first LARGE quilt she did. This was done before she knew what a 1/4" seam was. It didn't turn out too bad and all fit together. Thankfully she has learned a lot more about quilting now, but has never turned out a quilt of this large size again.

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