Sunday, January 23, 2011

Iowa Quilt Bloggers- Part 1

I think Iowa has some pretty awesome quilters and lots of great quilt shops as showcased in the Country Register - the shopper published every two months and available at a quilt shop near you.

Since I have started blogging in June, 2010, I have also enjoyed reading blogs of other quilters across the US (AL, AK, CA, MI, CO+others) Also one quilter that lives overseas in Japan posts every day, that's committment.

The question is..... who is blogging in Iowa? I found this blog link from the web site for the Quilt Connection shop in Ames. The bloggers are two employees of the shop - Jill and Marny. Check it out for their perspective on quilting. Fresh fabric and design inspiration with a modern twist.

I will research additional bloggers- stay tuned for updates.

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