Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Meeting

Happy New Year 2012!!

The January meeting will be Monday, January 8th at 7 pm.
The REC meeting room is open during the day for any member that would like to sew during the day- before the meeting.

Membership dues for 2012 are $18.00 and go towards the room rental fee.
Roll Call will be sharing a tip on "how I organize my quilting room/supplies"
Show and Tell -  I can't wait to see the projects members have been working on or completed.
Colleen willalso have another block for the block of the month project.

Sign up for Christmas Joy quiliting project.  There will be a small charge for the cost of copying the pattern.
Other options for a Christmas quilt will be available to members if they prefer.


  1. Sandy--I'm contacting you this way. You kindly left a comment on my blog, but you're set as a "no reply" blogger, so I can't reply directly to you. Your e-mail address is hidden. I can send you instructions if you'd prefer that your e-mail address is available when you leave comments.

    I've had the "Honeyberries" quilt marked on my "TO DO" list for years. How nice to finally mark one off.

    1. I changed the selection in my profile. Try it again.
      Mostly when I blog, I feel like I am talking to myself.
      Our quilt group is small. Some on the older members have dropped out or gone to a nursing home. Our community is small, so a small quilt group is good and we like to sew together.
      I still work full time so that is why I haven't been blogging alot plus had some computer problems and ended up with a new one in December. Most of the members are on the computer but not all.
      Tell me if you are in a quilt guild and what activities they like to do.??? We have decided to do a quilt calender for next year of members quilts.
      I am trying to decide on going on the Paducah bus trip.
      Keep on Quilting.