Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adventures in Oregon - Part1

This is really going to be fun! Off today on an adventure -flying from Des Moines to Denver and on to Portland, OR.

The stop for our first night is Oxford Suites at Portland's Jantzen Beach

This hotel is near the airport and located along the Columbia River.
The view from the plane showed "Turning Twenty" farm field quilts and "snowball blocks" in green and tan as the fields in Nebraska are irrigated in a circular pattern.
There was a delay in Denver due to a summer shower.
Rental car from @&$!? Checked out a white Malibu. Was not in the parking spot assigned.???
back to the rental desk and cheerfully reported the missing car.
The clerk appologized and said she would upgrade me and asked if I wanted a Crown Victoria and I said NO- it was too big. Her next option was a Ford Edge that she said was brand new.
So I said ok. It had less than 2,000 miles on it and is red!!! whoo hoo. As good as a convertible.
Since I am driving, I left it up to BFF to navigate and run the gadgets on the dashboard.
It has a back up camera, extra mirrors in the side mirrors to check blind spots. Very easy to handle.
The hotel offers free drinks and food at night. Salad fixings were just fine for us as the hot food was already gone.
Confortable beds and a great place to stay.

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