Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures in Oregon Part 4

Morning at Elk Horn Valley arrived with a clear sky and 44 degrees.  We had slept with the window slightly opened enjoying the fresh, cool, mountain air from the deck.  There was a mist in the valley, a very filling breakfast of yogurt, fruit, quiche and lemon muffins.

On the drive to Sisters, the road was curvy as we went along the mountain range and was especially scenic at Detroit Lake.  Sorry no picture, in a hurry to get to the quilt show. We had read on line about limited parking during the show, and luckily the highway came in on the north side of town where there was parking at the Rec center to catch a free shuttle to the downtown area. 1300 quilts were on display hanging inside most of the buildings and outside on a wire line strung up 7:15 am is when volunteers started hanging the quilts.

It was crowded with many people. the Main Street was closed to traffic.  The town has storefronts that resemble an old Western town. Sisters draws a lot of artistic people to the area. 
From town you can see the three mountains Sisters are named for- Faith, Hope and Charity. They had a lot of snow still on them and people were able to ski. the temperature was 80 and clear.  We wore hats, sunscreen and kept drinking water.
We were lucky to snag a table for two in the air-conditioned bar of The Gallery. I ordered "killer salad" that had baby shrimp on a huge bed of lettuce, homemade roll, very very yummy.
The Stitching Post sells, charms, t-shirts, bags, cups, posters, fabric of this year's design by Cathy Deggendorfer.  a local artist.  www.stitchinpost.com

I enjoyed a tented area called "The Teacher's Tent". It showcased the quilts from the teachers who were presenting workshops earlier in the week Monday-Friday that you need to sign up for way ahead of time.

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